Episode #44: Tacky Sweater is Tacky

What Gariath’s been up to: Ran Heroics of his own free will. Multiple times… 

What Fidelma’s up to: Healing as a tree (is my butt fat in this new tree form?), and tricking Fi out

Apologies & The Future:
Sorry we haven't recorded in a long - long - time. Life happens, schedules conflict and sigh - we will do better!Going forward we are hoping to record every other week until the next expansion drops. We hope to get in front of our mics every week, but scheduling can be difficult. 

Now on with the show!And the winner of the WoW pet give-away is....
2  - the second person who liked us!  And his name is.... BRAD! Random numbers generated Jan 3 2012 at 21:33:42 by www.psychicscience.org  Free educational resources for parapsychology, psychical research & mind magic.
News and other stuff:

  1. Blizzard has made $26 million on authenticator fobs.
  2. WoW commercial with Chuck Norris.
  3. And with Aubrey Plaza
  4. Jaina Proudmoore book announced for July 2012
    • Release before Mist of Pandaria launch?
  5. Patch 4.3.2 on PTR... Already?
    • Feldrake Mount
    • 64 bit client maybe?
    • Client folder optimization
      • Will it run faster
      • or will it feel that way

How did we do on our 2011 Resolutions?

    • Gariath: 100%
      • This year’s:
        • Level the Shaman to 85 and heal again
        • Level the DK to 85 and tank
        • Level the Draenei Pally to 85 to be a fail-healer
        • Get Tabard Achievement
    • Fidelma: Can I buy more time in the Auction House?
      • This year’s:
        • Max lvl Enchanting & Leatherworking
        • Finish lvl’ing Eibhilan, Elreen and Rio
        • 150 pets
        • Lvl Zinaria’s Archeology to 525 and farm for the mount

Show Spotlight:

    • New Dungeons
      • End Time
      • Well of Eternity
      • Hour of Twilight
    • Fireland dailies
      • The many stages of dailies and turn-ins
      • There are two 250 mark turn-ins & three 150 mark turn ins that open vendors.
      • How to get the mount
        • Do all the dailies at least once
    • Pets
      • Firelands is your friend
      • Two vendors with two expensive pets
      • Back to Sholazar Basin - egg hatching sped up to 3 - YES 3! - days.
    • Mounts
      • Gariath’s about-face on a certain mount
      • One’s we didn’t know about
      • The tournament is your friend - set that hearth to Dalaran and experience logging in without lag... anti-social can be a good thing.
    • Chromie
      • For the Alliance at least, she has shrunk to smaller than a gnome and is across from the portal with a cut-scene about Deathwing.
      • Have you been “Chromie’ed?”

Quest of the week:

Punting Season

Achievement of the week:

And The Meek Shall Inherit Kalimdor

Guild Achievement of the week:

United Nations

LVLA Book Club: Wolfheart - coming up next episode

Also next episode: mods!

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