Episode #42: WoW, BlizzCon, and Everything!

What Gariath’s been up to:

Sheyin’s hit 85, and Spahrhawke finally is <The Hallowed>.

What Fidema’s up to:

Caronwyn has hit 85 (and so has Tidnab).  Dungeons!  And I can heal a heroic!

News and other stuff:

  1. You’ve Pwned your realm, now own your realm.
  2. Hallow’s End starts this week.
  3. If you have DirecTV, you can (finally!) order the BlizzCon Pay-Per View
  4. Is the CRTC investigating the wrong people over WoW throttling?
  5. WoW Visa BlizzCon contest winners announced
  6. BlizzCon? There’s an App for that
  7. 20 Things to do at Blizzcon
  8. Hunter Tier 13 Preview.... and Gariath’s not impressed.
  9. The Guardian Companion pet

Show Spotlight: Blizzcon

NPC Spotlight: Headless Horseman

Menagerie: Sinister Squashling Feline familiar,  little wickerman, and  creepy crate

Mountage: The Headless Horseman’s Mount

  • Drops from the NPC
  • Will be in your pumpkin basket if you get it.
  • It flies, it canters, and it does everything - and looks cool doing it (think warlock mount with green flames and the ability to fly)

Zone of the week: Tirisfal Glades

  • Undead starting zone - Deathkneel
  • Undercity - the Undead’s capital
  • Sylvannas lives here
  • Most confusing city - can’t find my way out of here...
  • Use to be Lorderon ( I wonder if Arthas got lost too...)
  • Elevators used to descend into the “Undercity” though often holiday events are on the ‘ground’ level and not below
  • Portal to Silvermoon City `

No flightpaths for the Alliance here - several for the Horde

Scarlet Monastery is here - three dungeons

  • Graveyard (levels 26-36)
  • Library (29-39)
  • Amory (32-42)

Headless Horseman upper level boss is in the graveyard dungeon here for the holiday.  Check him out and try to get his mount - it flies!

The Bulwark leads into the Western Plaguelands and is an entry point for the alliance (be careful there are guards)

The other entrance to the zone is through Silverpine Forest - another Horde zone

Peacebloom, silverleaf and earthroot are the herbs along with copper ore.

Lots of Hallow’s End fun in this zone - it is where the one of the wicker men is burned every night.  Dont’ forget to check it out regardless of what side you play.

Quest of the week: Punting Season

Achievement of the week: And The Meek Shall Inherit Kalimdor

Guild Achievement of the week: United Nations

Contest Deadline - October 14th: Win a Lil’ Ragnaros companion pet

- winner announced next week! (meaning Fi is still putting it all together!)

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