Episode #36: WoW by The Buckets!

What Gariath’s been up to: Priest to 80. Serranoh’s 85; Serranoh made a Mekgineer’s Chopper for Gariath.  Gariath’s doing his daily Winterspring quests (in case you didn’t notice, your cub gets bigger as the quests go on). Now doing cooking and fishing dailys in Ironforge. Haggis for everyone!

What Fidema’s up to: Pally leveling with Tidnab and grading... and grading.... and grading  and coughing - let’s not forget that

News and other stuff:

  1. Cross server dungeon invites coming in a future patch
  2. Hotfixes galore
  1. 2011 Arena Registration - Game on!
  1. Same darn Murloc pet... booo!
  1. Answers about Professions from “Ask the Developers
  1. More cool Archeology items
  2. Chaos Orbs to be “unbound” in a future patch
  3. Considering dailies for other Professions
  1. Tier 12 unveiled
  2. BlizzCast - now in video form
  3. BlizzCon
  1. October 21-22
  2. Still in Anaheim CA
  3. Tickets  - $175 a piece go on sale May 21 (10AM) and May 25 (7pm) - remember CA time/PDT.
  4. $39.99 for Direct TV/Web Streaming... there had better be a pet...

Bucket List

  • Play opposite faction to 20
  • Roll a Goblin, a DK, and Worgen to see their starting zones
  • Palladin’s need to roll a DK
  • Wrathgate questline
  • Every Palladin should be an “Argent Champion”
  • Every Druid should be a “Guardian of Cenarious”
  • Kill a rare spawn
  • Get a rare/hard-to-get mount
  • Explore the all of Azeroth and Outlands
  • Meet Hemet Nessingwary
  • Run a pug dungeon - all pugs...
  • Try out a second spec on your toon
  • Read a tooltip
  • Everyone should try PVP

Dungeons & Raids

Old Hillsbrad


Culling of Stratholme





Everyone should RP, even if it’s only once.

Alterac Valley

Raid/Defend Cities

Zone Discovered: Thousand Needles

  • Level 40-45 Zone
  • Both factions have quests here
  • Used to be a desert, but now a lake, thanks to Deathwing - so Shimmering Flats turns into Shimmering Deep
  • Fizzle and Pozzik’s Speedbarge
  • Herbs
  • Bruiseweed
  • Wild Steelbloom
  • Kingsblood
  • Ore
  • Copper
  • Tin
  • Silver
  • Iron
  • Gold
  • Mithril
  • Truesilver

NPC Spotlight: Hemet Nessingwary

Menagerie: Fox Kit

Quest of the week: “Magic” Mushrooms

Horde cooking quest out of Thunderbluff - we knew the cows were up to something.

Achievement of the week: Hills like White Elekk

Guild Achievement of the week: You Have Been Challenged

LVLA Book Club: World of Warcraft and Philosophy

  • Our next book is a collection of essays (don’t let the “P” word scare you)

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